Polymer and Celestia Partner to Bring IBC to Optimistic Rollups

Polymer Labs
2 min readApr 11, 2022


Polymer is now collaborating with Celestia to enable an interoperable, modular technology stack for future builders

Polymer Labs is excited to co-develop the future of interoperability infrastructure with Celestia. Over the past few years, we have observed multiple L1 and L2 blockchains launch and expand. Polymer believes that innovations in foundational infrastructure will be more directed towards not only a multichain future but also towards enabling a modular technology stack for future builders. Our collaboration will enable seamless communication across rollups on Celestia and in the future, between applications on other blockchains as well.

The visions of Polymer and Celestia for the future of the blockchain ecosystem are complementary.

“Celestia’s vision of optimistic and ZK rollups using Celestia as the Data Availability (DA) Layer necessitates a modular networking component that connects them. As it relates to Celestia’s infrastructure, Polymer is currently researching how to connect all Celestia rollups with optimistic IBC light clients,” says Bo Du, Co-founder at Polymer.

“Polymer’s vision to bridge across ecosystems using IBC perfectly aligns with connecting rollups on Celestia, as these will consist of a diverse set of execution environments that have their roots in a diverse set of ecosystems. We are happy to collaborate with Polymer to bring IBC to optimistic rollups,” says Ismail Khoffi, CTO at Celestia.

We’re excited to tackle this opportunity together and unlock a modular blockchain future powered by both Celestia and Polymer. We will continue to share additional updates as we complete milestones and approach mainnet. If you’re interested in scaling IBC across all chains and implementing optimistic IBC Light Clients, please reach out to us on our Discord here and Twitter here.

About Polymer:
Polymer is the first modular IBC-based networking protocol. The Polymer chain enables IBC connectivity across all integrated chains with a truly trustless architecture based on light client state proof verification.

About Celestia:
Celestia is the first modular blockchain network. By decoupling consensus from execution, Celestia will enable anyone to easily deploy their own blockchain, without the overhead of bootstrapping a new consensus network.



Polymer Labs

Polymer is building a universal IBC router to connect all chains.